Children’s Language Development Preschool (CLDP) is based in Garraí Glas, Athenry and we specialise in the overall Speech and Language development of preschool children between the age of 2 and 6.

CLDP provides early intervention to children presenting with communication delays or disorders.

CLDP offers 2 sessions a day. One session is for children with a diagnosis of Autism and is funded under the Department of Education Home Tuition Scheme. This sessions runs for 4 hours per day, 5 days per week.

We run an afternoon Preschool session 5 days per week for a duration of 3 hours for children presenting with communication difficulties.

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Our Photo Gallery

Feel free to check out our photo gallery for pictures of our school and of some of our fundraising events.
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Our Philosophy

We strive to maximise children’s communication and learning to ensure that each child has an effective way of communicating in their lives. Support of parents and families is of utmost importance to the fundamental structure of the school. We provide ongoing parent training to ensure continuity across learning environments. We operate with an open door policy and value our link with the HSE and

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A number of parents whose children are attending the CLDP would be delighted to talk to you about their experience of the CLDP and the effect it has had on their child’s language development. A telephone conversation or face to face chat can be arranged for you to talk to one of these parents. Please contact us on 091 877875 to organise.