Adapted Environment

Our Preschool environment is adapted to reflect the goals of the children’s programmes and to encourage communication at all times

Since our school opened in 2008, CLDP has built up a comprehensive bank of Speech and Language Therapy(SLT) and Occupational Therapy(OT) material and equipment which is available to all the children who attend.

OT equipment used for Gross Motor, Fine Motor and Sensory Activities is built into each child’s routine and programme.

CLDP has adapted the environment to be highly visual in support of the children with communication challenges

PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System) and LAMH are widely used across all classes at CLDP

Our outdoor space, which is covered, allows for the children to get outside everyday and is well equipped with toys and equipment to stimulate the children

Our Sensory room is a wonderful space for the children to regulate when necessary and has lots of appropriate equipment to facilitate this.