Our Programmes

Preschool Programme

  • Two sessions are available daily for a duration of three hours where the children are grouped according to both age and communication ability.
  • CLDP follows the primary school calendar from September to June with a summer camp running for the month of July.
  • The Teacher pupil ratio is 1 teacher to 3 children which enables individualised intervention.
  • Daily routines in the preschool setting include Circle Time, Table Top work, Sensory Activities, Fine and Gross motor activities, Art, Structured Play and Story Time.
  • CLDP is a not for profit registered charity. We participate in both the ECCE and Home Tuition schemes
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ABA/1:1 Tuition Programme

  • CLDP offers 1:1 tuition for duration of 3 hours per session and offer two sessions daily.
  • These sessions run back to back with the preschool sessions.
  • We ensure that children availing of ABA also get the opportunity to develop their social communication by participating in the preschool setting with the support of their dedicated ABA tutor.
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Social Skills Afterschool Programme

  • The afterschool programme is separate to the preschool and ABA services. This service caters for children aged from 5 to 12 years who have communication difficulties.
  • The program is focused on developing the child’s ability to respond effectively to their social world through development of their social language skills
  • The programme incorporates expressive and receptive language, emotions, appropriate and inappropriate behaviour, empathy and positive peer interactions.