Our Services

The preschool and ABA/1:1 Tuition services include the following:

Individual Assessment and Targeted Therapy

  • Specialised Programmes incorporating  goals from our Speech and Language Therapist , Occupational Therapist and Behaviours Analyst
  • Our staff are in place since we opened in 2008 and are very experienced and highly qualified
  • On entering CLDP each child is assessed using the Derbyshire Language Scheme and the ASLLS (Assessment of Basic Language Learning Skills)
  • From these assessments IEP’s (Individualised Educational Plan) are set up for each child with target goals that are reviewed and updated on a weekly basis
  • Our Speech Therapist, Occupational Therapist and Behaviour Analyst consult to CLDP on a monthly basis and input directly to each child’s IEP for individual goals.
  • Our consultants also set group goals that are incorporated into group activities such as Circle time, Gross Motor group activities etc.

Adapted Environment

  • The preschool and ABA environments are adapted to reflect the goals of the children’s programmes and to encourage communication at all times.
  • Since our beginning in 2008, CLDP has built up a comprehensive bank of SLT, OT and BA material and this is available to all our pupils.
  • OT equipment use for gross motor, fine motor and sensory work is built into each child’s routine and programme.
  • CLDP has adapted both environments to be highly visual in support of the children with communication challenges.
  • PECS and LAMH are widely used in both environments when required.
  • CLDP has a full set of Therapeutic Listening CD’s and Equipment available for use by children enrolled at the school under supervision of our OT.
  • The staff are very well practiced in implementing Therapeutic Listening programs, brushing programs, deep pressure, oral motor work etc. and will implement these during the school day as appropriate.

School to Home Services

At CLDP we recognise the importance of continuing and supporting the learning from school in the home environment. To this end we have implemented a compressive school to home communication programme so that our children can practice their new learned skills in the home. It also allows all members of the family to engage with the child about their school day and the child to share their day.

  • Monthly specialised Circle time shared with the parents outlining tasks, songs, poems, themes etc. for the month
  • Parent/Teacher meeting each term to review progress against IEP’s and inform parents of new goals
  • Consultants may also meet with parents as needed to suggest activities solely for the home environment
  • The staff at CLDP are highly experienced and support parents on implementation of all programmes at home
  • PECS and visual supports are provided for home where applicable
  • Daily communication journal allows parents to access some of what the child did at school thus enabling conversation and sharing at home.

Toileting and Food Programmes

Some children who attend CLDP may present with some Toileting issues and challenges with regard to food. As part of CLDP’s holistic approach to education, these and other self-help skills are tackled throughout the day.

With regards toileting we accept children who are not toilet trained and we aim to toilet train each child using the ABA approach. We have had great success in toilet training children using reinforcement and keeping data. We also support parents to ensure there is success at home as well as at school.