Our son Fionn has attended Childrens Language, Development Preschool since September 2009.  Fionn was diagnosed with ASD in early 2010, since then he has availed of both pre-school and ABA provided by the school.

When Fionn first started in CLDP, he has only a few words, his understanding of language was really low also.  He had many sensory issues, poor fine motor skills and feeding was a major issue and he also lacked many other skills.  But after only a couple of months in CLDP, Fionn had improved immensely.

Regular meetings with his teachers kept us informed of his goals which were constantly being updated.  The staff in the school became our friends.  They are just wonderful, so caring and kind, always available to give advice or just to listen when we needed it.

Fionn is now going to attend the local primary school in Coldwood this September 2011.  If it was not for the staff of CLDP, he would not be in a position to attend this, or even for us to contemplate sending him there.  Friends and family are amazed at his progress over the last two years.  He has been transformed from a child who had problems communicating with us over the most basic requests to a boy who is able to enjoy some of the aspects of life a five year old should enjoy.  He can go to hurling and football training and support Manchester united. These may sound mundane, but to us they are massive achievements from where he was at.

CLDP played such an important role in the transformation of Fionn.  We will never be able to thank them enough for what they have done for Fionn and for us as a family.  We would highly recommend CLDP to any parents who are worried about their childs speech and language development.

Early intervention is critical so don’t put off going to CLDP to talk to the staff if you have the slightest concerns you won’t regret it.

  • May 14, 2014

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