My daughter Sophia started regressing at about 1½, immediately I sought help and was told evaluations would not be started until she was 2.  When she turned 2 the wheels were in motion only to find out there was no space for her or therapies that she needed and she is still on a waiting list.  At this stage I was frustrated watching my little girl disappearing hardly recognising we were there.  Every minute slipping by felt like an eternity.

Then by sheer luck someone told us about CLDP.  It was so lovely and bright and you could also sneak a peek in the window for reassurance in the beginning which was such a comfort and to my amazement on the second day they had my little girl sitting in a chair.  A day I thought that would never come.

The relief to hand your child over to people you can really trust is such an ease.  Sophia now has little sentences, better eye contact and much better comprehension ,all this, in the space of 5 months.  I have no doubt in my mind that it is down to the CLDP.

If you suspect any communication delay please do not hesitate your child’s time is precious act fast, I could not recommend a better school.

  • May 14, 2014

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