I can’t believe we are here already with Aaron leaving CLDP.  I feel like he’s leaving the nest and that is a testament to how at home you made all our family feel over the last two years.

There has never been a day that your commitment and absolute dedication to doing the best thing for Aaron has not shone through.  We just don’t know how to thank you enough.

You are all very kind, fun and loving teachers who have endless patience and your love of children is so clearly at the core of what you do.

It’s so incredibly rare to find such a talented and dedicated group of teachers in one place.  I believe you all have a true gift with children and we consider ourselves very lucky that you shared that gift with Aaron and helped him on his journey.

On a personal level I have so enjoyed getting to know each of you and have loved the wonderful sense of fun in CLDP.

You have a rare aptitude for truly seeing a child with additional needs as just another child who needs some support.  That has helped me so much as a mum to realise that my little boy is still that, a little boy that just needs some extra help.  You don’t just help the children; you help the families too without even realising it.

“It takes truly special teachers to see tomorrow in every child’s eyes.”

Thank you so much for seeing Aaron’s tomorrows and bringing him to where he can now go forward and shape those tomorrow’s into all he wants to be.  Just wait and see!

  • March 30, 2014

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