Our son Conor was 4 when we enrolled him at CLDP.  He was diagnosed with a specific language disorder and he attends regular speech and language therapy.  Conor’s understanding of different things is not there.  When Conor first attended CLDP, he was not toilet trained.  After a few weeks they had successfully toilet trained him.  We couldn’t believe it.

Conor also had a lot of issues regarding food.  There was only certain food that Conor could eat.  When I introduced new foods to him, he wouldn’t even try them, and would often result in a tantrum.  The staff at CLDP introduced a chart program to encourage Conor to try new foods.  It worked out great.  He will at least now try new foods.

Every day Conor looks forward to going to CLDP.  He has a great relationship with the staff there.  It is a huge relief to me knowing that he is happy there, he has also made some lovely friends there, and it is great to see that.  The staff are so friendly and very helpful and are always available to talk and offer good advice.  We will always be extremely thankful to the staff at CLDP for their commitment and help with our son Conor.

  • March 30, 2014

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